Thursday, June 08, 2006

How to Start Tomatoes Indoors

Here is a video on how to start your tomatoes indoors (so the fruits will have enough time to ripen before it gets too cold).


watson said...

Uy Manang welcome back!

Mahirap magpatubo ng tomato ... medyo maliliit kasi yung result sa tanim namin sa Baguio noon :-)

VICKY said...

Might try this- we have a drought here in qld australia and my tomatoes outside were not successful. I would like to grow those small cherry/cocktail tomatoes in a pot so i can manage it. The birds which abound in my backyard also eat the fruit before it even ripens...

Manang said...

Hi Watson!

Baka ayaw ng tomato sa malamig???

grabe ang cherry tomato tumubo! Siguro kahit 1 or 2 lang itanim mo. I have read that it is one very good tomato plant to have indoors for winter use.

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