Saturday, July 22, 2006


These photos were taken last May, still spring. I do not know the name of this bush, but during this time, it was in bloom, and it actually had no leaves yet. At present (July), it has lno more flowers, only leaves and cherry-like fruits.

Second photo shows the flowers up close. This plant is one of the prettiest during spring because there are not a lot of plants with blooms.

I wonder what it is called?

UPDATE as of July 24, 2006.

Thanks to daisy for giving the name of this beautiful bush!

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daisy said...

It called Forsythia - one of the first shrubs to bloom in spring. Definitely a sign of better weather. I live in Maryland. I like them left alone or not pruned so severely. Some homeowners would cut them back or form them into a hedge which looks rather funny when they do finally bloom. There is a weeping variety also.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been reading/surfing your blog from time to time. You may help me find the shrub i wanna plant in my garden. Am from Manila staying here in Baltimore. What's that red plant na it looks like 'gumamela' sa atin but bigger ang flower nya? Can see them anywhere here and like them a lot but I dont know whats it here, me pink variety din sya.I wanna buy seeds sana sa link mo but I dont know the name.. ty

Manang said...

hello anonymous,

I believe that it is hibiscus. See

If your place is "tropical" enough, u might be able to grow them! Mahirap ata dito sa amin eh. How's the weather in Baltimore?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Manang.Yes that's the ones I like! Ty bigtime. Btw, nawala ang link sa site mo where I earlier found wholesale seeds for sale I wasn't able to bookmark. Can you give the website to me? Am planning to buy seeds for next planting, will save na the seeds sana.

Baltimore now is too hot. Its 90 degrees yata today. Dry heat though. Bago pa lang ako try mag garden. Flowering plants muna sa front ng house ilalagay ko. 'hear from you.

Manang said...

hello uli,
maybe this was the page of links you were looking for?

watson said...

Manang, ang ganda ng bush na yan ah. Hindi yata ako nakakakita ng ganyan sa Baguio

VICKY said...

that's a pretty bright bush- how long do the flowers last?

Anonymous said...

This plant or flower we used to decorate here in germany for easter season.